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The Mountain Valley Greenhouse is owned and operated by Mountain Valley Developmental Services. The mission of MVDS is to encourage and support individuals with developmental disabilities, enhance their ability to live, learn, and work in an independent and inclusive manner, and educate the community about their contributions and capabilities. Our greenhouse supports this mission by providing work opportunities for those we serve. Our program goal is to support clients in attaining tools to work in the community and live independently as much as possible. We support clients to learn what is appropriate behavior and action at the work place. 

The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) defines horticultural therapy as “ the engagement of a person in gardening-related activities, facilitated by trained therapist to achieve specific treatment goals”. Mountain Valley Developmental Services provide horticultural therapy program facilitated by a registered horticultural therapist (HTR). In therapeutic practice, there is a risk that a therapist may overlook what a client actually needs. Client-centered programming is always a main focus of a horticultural therapist. To accomplish a successful client-centered program, a horticultural therapist must first assess the client to find the client’s needs. Following assessment, a horticultural therapist plans specific goals and objectives for each client. The horticultural therapist also keeps records as documentation for the next step.  

Another goal at Mountain Valley Greenhouse is to create high quality plants and plant products and to sell those at reasonable prices. Our biggest sale is the bedding plant sale in the spring. We prepare most of plants from seeds. We grow them in seed plugs and transplant them in cell packs and pots. If you have a chance to visit the downtown Glenwood Springs in the spring or summer, please check out the flower containers there. Our workers create them.