Employment and Vocational Support

We strive to find community inclusive job opportunities which provides meaningful jobs. Our employment services provide opportunities to work in a variety of settings located throughout the community and provides ongoing support to maintain employment including:

  • Job development and exploration services
  • Job analysis to match potential employee’s skills with employer needs
  • Support to employer and employee
  • Instruction of skills to increase productivity and independence
  • Development of appropriate interpersonal
    relationships with co-workers and supervisors
  • Information and training on the use of public transportation
  • Employment at Mountain Valley Textile & Gifts store in downtown Glenwood Springs.
  • Employment and training opportunities are also available by being served at Mountain Valley Greenhouse located at the Main agency of Mountain Valley Developmental services.

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We take pride in our person-centered care and deep commitment to supporting persons with developmental disabilities. Every day employees strive to help clients live, learn, & work as independently as possible.
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