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Mountain Valley Development GreenhouseMountain Valley Greenhouse is open for business and welcomes everyone! We are part of Mountain Valley Developmental Services and support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing employment opportunities as well as a therapeutic setting in which to enjoy the greenery. We also collaborate with other organizations on projects that benefit the whole community.

Mountain Valley Greenhouse is a unique, successful, collaborative and ever-changing project! We are a commercial greenhouse selling annual and perennial bedding plants, house plants, herbs, veggies, and other garden-related inventory to retail and business customers as well as anyone who comes in to see us! We are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 3PM year-round, as well as some Saturdays in May and June when we sell the majority of our bedding plants. Call 970-230-9704 or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for specific dates! Please come visit and shop our wonderful seasonal assortment of flowers, annuals, perennials, and naturally grown vegetables.

MVG is also a job training program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide job opportunities that offer meaningful work and a meaningful wage in a supported work environment. Our employees are provided with individualized supports to help them grow both personally and professionally.

Pre-COVID, we collaborated with our neighbor, Sopris Elementary School, by giving the students space in our greenhouse to grow their own food for their cafeteria while the school secured funding for a solar heating system for our greenhouse. This support has reduced our operating expenses as well as our carbon footprint! In addition, the greenhouse has provided an opportunity for the students to interact with people with disabilities on a regular on-going basis and places the people with disabilities in the role of the expert, laying the groundwork for a completely different view of people with disabilities for these youngsters.

Did we mention we are a greenhouse? Solar heating, utilizing our worm beds to develop our own soil and natural fertilizer, accepting kitchen waste from MVDS employees to use in our composting piles, giving any food and plant waste to our chickens to turn into eggs and more fertilizer, and using chemical-free pest control methods makes us GREEN!

We want to thank all of our great customers for their on-going business and support! Special thanks to the City of Glenwood Springs, Floyd Diemoz business center, Mana Foods in Carbondale,
Mountain Valley Weavers/MVDS Weaving Studio, Rocky Mountain Pizza Company, Downtown Drug, Holy Cross Energy, and hopefully many more partners in the future! Call 970-230-9704 if you would like to collaborate, place a plant order, or enlist our plant care services!

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Open Monday – Friday
Saturday hours for plant sales in May and June.  Please call 970.230.9704 or check our Instagram or Facebook for specific dates.

Please call us anytime for specific hours!


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We take pride in our person-centered care and deep commitment to supporting persons with developmental disabilities. Every day employees strive to help clients live, learn, & work as independently as possible.
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