Mountain Valley provides adults (18+) with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the supports necessary to lead full and enriched lives. We can arrange for support to be provided in a variety of settings including the family home, an apartment, a host home or a group home. We can compensate family members to provide support, have paid direct support professionals working in the home or a combination of both. The State of Colorado offers two Medicaid waiver programs to choose from. The Supported Living Services waiver allows you to pick and choose which services you want and it is expected that the individual also be receiving natural supports as well since the availability of paid support is limited. The Comprehensive waiver on the other hand provides full, 24/7 support in all areas of an individual’s life.

mvds residential locationResidential support typically consists of assisting an individual through their daily routines including getting up on time, hygiene tasks, cooking, eating, dressing, cleaning, laundry, leisure activities, shopping, exercising, and any other skills that may be important to that individual. Our goal is to ensure each person is as independent as possible and that they are encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves to either increase or maintain their abilities. Our staff are thoroughly trained and truly care about the work they do.

Each of the below options can be offered anywhere throughout Pitkin, Garfield, Eagle and Lake counties with the exception of the group home (see below):

mvds residential locationsFamily Home – the individual and family choose to receive services while living in their family home. The individual pays room and board to their family to cover rent, utilities and food. A predetermined amount of paid support is available to the individual that can be provided by the family, other staff or a combination of both. The amount of paid support available is determined by the individual’s level of need. (SLS or Comprehensive)

Apartment – the individual is capable of safely living independently and can perform most activities of daily living independently and safely navigate the community. Apartments can be shared by up to 3 individuals. Mountain Valley provides an average of 5-15 hours per week of support to someone in an apartment setting. Anyone needing more support than this may not yet be ready for this level of independence. (SLS or Comprehensive)

Host Home – the individual moves into someone’s home and joins their family activities. A Host Home family is paid a monthly rate to provide the same supports and supervision Mountain Valley is required to provide, except in a family environment. This option is a great fit for individuals who do not thrive in a group setting and their own family home is not an option. (Comprehensive only)

Group Home – Mountain Valley owns and operates eight licensed group homes.  In each group home 4 to 8 adults live and receive around the clock staff support and services. (Comprehensive only)

  • Mountain Valley’s group homes are located throughout Parachute, Rifle, Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.

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