Case Management

Case Management is an individually centered, family and community focused service in which programs and resources are coordinated to enhance people’s lives. Case Managers assist people to identify their unique strengths and to find ways to enhance them. Case Managers explain what supports are available for individuals, how to become eligible, and how to request services. The goal of the Case Manager is to assure that necessary services are provided effectively and efficiently through establishing meaningful relationships with each individual, their family, and the community in which they live, work and play.

For information on intake, eligibility and services, please click here.

Case managers act as an advocate and assist individuals with various aspects of their lives including:

  • Coordinating team process for developing treatment programs and monitoring to ensure that program is being delivered and goals are being met.
  • Locating and applying for desired services and placements
  • Acquiring and maintaining benefits and supports from other agencies.
  • Completing all paperwork to ensures each person receives Medicaid waiver services
  • Working with individual and family to complete state required reports and forms annually; including SIS, PAR and BUS
  • Developing and monitoring treatment programs to meet the needs of persons receiving services.
  • Communicating regularly between staff, persons served, and their families



All persons receiving services have the same legal rights and responsibilities guaranteed to all other individuals under the Federal and State Constitutions and laws unless such rights are modified by a Court Order. An individual’s rights under the provisions of C.R.S. 27-10.5-112 through and including C.R.S. 27-10.5-124, may be suspended only for purposes of habilitation, treatment, or to protect the individual from endangering him/herself, or others.  

Look here for a list of those rights in English.

Look here for a list of those rights in Spanish.

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