Case Management: The right piece to completing the puzzle

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Every person with Mountain Valley Developmental Services who receives care and services with us has a case manager who supports and advocates for his or her wants and needs. 

Case management is individually centered, family and community focused. Case managers work with both children and adults and help individuals identify their unique strengths, then find programs and resources to enhance those strengths. Think of it like a puzzle where no two pieces are the same. The case manager’s job is to find where that individual best fits in with the surrounding pieces. They help us complete the puzzle.

Case managers support and reinforce each person’s ability to advocate for him or herself. They also explore eligibility for available services and support individuals in accessing them.

Other responsibilities are to assure that services are provided in the context of meaningful relationships with the individual served, their family, and the community in which they live, work and play.

Case managers advocate and assist individuals with many aspects of their lives, including:

Coordinating the process for accessing programming.

  • Locating and applying for desired services and placements; then monitoring to ensure the programming is being delivered and goals are being met.
  • Acquiring and maintaining benefits and support from other agencies.
  • Completing all paperwork to ensure each person receives Medicaid waiver services.
  • Working with the individual and family to complete required state reports and forms.
  • Communicating regularly between staff, individuals served, and their families.

If you know of anyone who might be a great fit for our organization, please have them check out our current job openings and what some of the benefits and perks are, in addition to living in this beautiful area. 

While we’re always looking for amazing additions to our team, we also need support in other ways to continue supporting individuals. If donating is something you’d like to do, please donate here and know that we really appreciate your support!

Thank you to all our case managers who continue to support and inspire us daily. We truly couldn’t do what we do without you. You are a huge piece to putting the puzzle together.

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