Mountain Valley Developmental Services Mission & Purpose

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In today’s business world every company stands with and truly believes in their mission statement. This statement is used to define what an organization is, what it believes in and who are their primary customers. A mission statement allows a company to brand themselves with what they stand for and sets them apart from other companies.

Here at Mountain Valley Developmental Services (MVDS) we strongly believe in and support our mission statement, which is to encourage and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enhance their ability to live, learn, and work in an independent and inclusive manner, and educate the community on their contributions and capabilities.

We hold our mission statement so closely to our hearts because we truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow as an individual and in the community. Our work provides life span services for these individuals as well as their parents and family members, guardians, colleagues at work and neighbors and friends. These services promote independence, quality of life, and rights protection.

David, a Mountain Valley Developmental Services group home resident, shares his pride about being an athlete in Special Olympics.

Our Purpose:

Scottish author, William Barclay once said that there were two great days in someone‚Äôs life, the day they were born and the day they discovered why. Your brand is exactly the same. Purpose drives actions, it trickles down from the top. Giving your brand a purpose doesn’t just have an impact on your employees, it can also motivate your customers and volunteers into feeling like they are making changes and having an impact on the world. Brands with a clear purpose are more likely to be noticed. When a consumer can relate and support a purpose they will be more involved.

Governed by a volunteer board of directors, a diverse team of men and women comprised of interested citizens and parents of persons served, MVDS employs nearly 200 people and serves children, adults and families in our four-county footprint.

We provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families with support that promotes:

  • Skill acquisition
  • Independence
  • Inclusion within the community

MVDS prides itself on delivering high-quality services. We are entrusted with the lives of individuals and with public resources used in supporting them. Stewardship of both is integral to our mission and we hold ourselves accountable to rigorous standards.

Our purpose allows Mountain Valley Developmental Services to drive engagement and have an ongoing understanding of our customers. It also allows us as an organization to have empathy for the clients, customers, staff and volunteers. Our purpose and mission helps MVDS have a clear vision of what we believe and allows us work together towards a common goal.

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